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Foundry and Forming laboratory

In our fully equipped foundry laboratory we work with casting and melt treatment of metals such as aluminium, iron, steel, titanium, magnesium and copper based alloys. We design and produce models for shaped castings, and have a moulding line and a core shooter to produce sand moulds. In addition, we have the possibility to do advanced modelling to optimize gating and feeding systems.

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Our experimental set-up and theoretical background gives us a unique possibility to cast products from simple test bars to advanced prototypes.

We have access to a range of furnaces from open crucible furnaces to advanced vacuum furnaces. Melt capacities are ranging from about 10 ml to about 50 l depending on material and set-up. A modern data acquisition system enables us to collect data from all experiments for further analysis by our skilled researchers. Some of our laboratory equipment is commercially available, while other equipment are specially designed and made in-house for our purpose.

Examples of our equipment are:

  • PoDFA – Porous Disc Filtration Analysis
  • ALSPEK H – Equipment for measuring hydrogen in Al melts
  • Metal fluidity measurement equipment
  • RPT – Reduced pressure test equipment
  • Feeding measurement equipment
  • Low pressure die casting station
  • Cast-forging equipment

Forming Laboratory
A fully instrumented 800 tonnes laboratory press, equipped with advanced tools for extrusion and forging, together with our skilled research staff, constitutes the backbone of our forming activity.

We work mainly with forming aluminium alloys, and have the possibility to conduct experiments within extrusion, forging and SPD/ECAP. We also have the capability to do some sheet metal forming and rolling experiments. We have expertise on the forming process, including lubrication, as well as on heat treatment processes and characterization of microstructure and mechanical properties

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Visiting address:
Richard Birkelands vei 2, 7465 Trondheim

Contact: Morten Ingar Onsøien, Mobil: 924 58 466, Epost: