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Giuseppe Fragapane

Research Manager

Giuseppe Fragapane holds a B.Eng. and M.Sc. in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and has worked for several years as an engineer in the R&D and production departments of manufacturing companies in Germany, the UK, and Switzerland . He completed his Ph.D. in engineering with a specialization in production management and is currently a research scientist in digital production. In addition, he leads WP and task activities in various EU projects (, Flex4fact, H2Glass).


BEng. in Mechanical Engineering
MSc in Industrial Engineering
PhD in Engineering

Competence and research areas

Production management
Industrial logistics
Simulation modelling
Planning and control of autonomous mobile robots
Hospital logistics
Predictive maintenance
Digitalization of shop floor
Industry 4.0
Human-centric manufacturing
Zero-defect manufacturing
Circular manufacturing



Contact info

Visiting address:
S P Andersens vei 3