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Christina Meskers

Senior Research Scientist

Christina has over 15 years of experience in the (raw) materials sector. Prior to SINTEF, she was senior advisor at the Industrial Ecology programme of NTNU, and worked at Umicore, Belgium for 10+ years, as senior manager open innovation, and senior manager market intelligence & business research.
She served on the advisory boards of international master programs, innovation networks; the Board of Directors of TMS; and is associate editor of the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy.


Christina graduated from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, with degrees in resource engineering (M.Sc.) in 2004 and materials science and engineering (PhD) in 2008. She spent time at McGill University (Canada) and Melbourne University (Australia).
Her PhD thesis focussed on decoating of magnesium metal and using exergy as metric to quantify the loss in metal quality. The findings were also the basis of Design for Recycling recommendations.

Competence and research areas

Christina has a passion for innovation and strategy, connecting people and ideas across disciplines, industries, organisations and value chains. Her work focuses on the contribution of metals and materials industry to the transition to sustainable products and a sustainable society.
- circular economy
- metallurgy (metals)
- recycling and other R-strategies
- system thinking
- life cycle assessment
- innovation
- business models
- sustainability




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