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Jorunn Skjermo

Senior Research Scientist

Jorunn Skjermo

Senior Research Scientist

Jorunn Skjermo
Phone: 982 45 040
Department: Environment and New Resources
Office: Trondheim

Publications and responsibilities



Iodine content in bulk biomass of wild-harvested and cultivated edible seaweeds: Inherent variations determine species-specific daily allowable consumption

This study represents a large-scale investigation into iodine contents in three commercially important and edible seaweed species from the North Atlantic: the brown algae Saccharina latissima and Alaria esculenta, and the red alga Palmaria palmata. Variability among and within species were explored ...

Authors Roleda Michael Skjermo Jorunn Marfaing Hélène Jonsdottir Rosa Rebours Celine Gietl Anna Stengel Dagmar Nitschke Udo
Year 2018
Type Journal publication

Preliminary results from PROMAC: a Project on energy efficient Processing of macroalgae in blue-green value chain

The 2015-2018 PROMAC (Energy efficient Processing of Macroalgae in blue-green value chains) is financed by the Norwegian Research Council. The PROMAC consortium is led by Møreforsking AS and consists of both Norwegian (SINTEF, NIBIO, NTNU, NMBU) and European (CEVA, MATIS, SLU)research institutes, as...

Authors Rebours Celine Stévant Pierrick Francois Denis Gracey Erik Olav Velle Liv Guri Roleda Michael Steinshamn Håvard Marfaing Hélène Aasen Inga Marie Krogdahl Åshild Nordtvedt Tom Ståle Oppen Johan Carvajal Ana Karina Forbord Silje Steinhovden Kristine Handå Aleksander Skjermo Jorunn Slizyte Rasa skarbø oddvar Ramin Mohammad Chapman Annelise Sabine
Year 2017
Type Conference lecture and academic presentation
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