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Bernd Wittgens

Senior Adviser

Bernd Wittgens

Senior Adviser

Bernd Wittgens
Phone: 926 60 160
Department: Metal Production and Processing
Office: Trondheim

Publications and responsibilities



Implementation, Demonstration and Validation of a User-Defined Wall Function for Direct Precipitation Fouling in Ansys Fluent

In a previous paper (Johnsen et al., 2015) and presentation (Johnsen et al., 2016), we developed and demonstrated a generic modelling framework for the modelling of direct precipitation fouling from multi-component fluid mixtures that become super-saturated at the wall. The modelling concept involve...

Authors Johnsen Sverre Gullikstad Pääkkönen Tiina Johansen Stein Tore Keiski Riitta Wittgens Bernd
Year 2017
Type Part of a book/report

Anaerobic Bio-reactor Modeling

EcoLodge aims at providing a proof-of-concept for a new, integrated biotechnological production process for C8 ester butyl butyrate, a promising supplement/substitute for diesel and jet engine fuels, from lignocellulose derived C5 and C6 sugars. Butanol and butyric acid are the process intermediates...

Authors Birgen Cansu Preisig Heinz A. Wentzel Alexander Markussen Sidsel Wittgens Bernd Sarkar Ujjaini Ganguly Anindita Saha Sudeshna Baksi Sibashish
Year 2016
Type Journal publication
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