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This document describes previous model tests on large structures in general and long pontoon bridges in particular. Furthermore, this report highlights the challenges related to model testing of these type of structures. Work to improve the capability of doing this type of model testing is suggested...

Authors Abrahamsen Bjørn Christian Stansberg Carl Trygve
Year 2019
Type Report/thesis

This validation plan describes the V2 validation activities planned for solution 1 of the PJ08 Advanced Airspace Management. The aim of the planned validation activities in Wave 1 is to complete V2 maturity level of the four Operational Improvements as foreseen in the Transition Validation Strategy ...

Authors GUIBERT Sandrine FITZPATRICK Marie CRISCUOLO Patrizia DOHY Didier ILIEV Boyan LACATUS Remus Karahasanovic Amela Schittekat Patrick Nilsson Erik Gøsta ALLARD Eric NEYNS Valérie PUNTERO PARLA Eva
Year 2019
Type Report/thesis