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The CageReporter project adapts the use of autonomous and tetherless underwater vehicles as a carrier of sensor systems for data acquisition, where the data are transferred from sea-based fish cages to a centralized land base (Figure 1). The vehicle will use active motion con-trol and acquire data f...

Authors Kelasidi Eleni Su Biao Thorbjørnsen Eirik Storås Moen Endre Schellewald Christian Yip Mau Hing Remmen Bjørnar Moe Mulelid Mats
Year 2020
Type Report/thesis

This report presents results obtained in the CageReporter project regarding the development of a 3D vision system to be used for data capture in fish cages. The developed system enables to obtain high-quality data with the overall goal to identify fish conditions and perform cage inspections during ...

Authors Kelasidi Eleni Schellewald Christian Yip Mauhing Remmen Bjørnar Moe
Year 2020
Type Report/thesis