The MegaRoller project will develop and demonstrate a Power Take-Off (PTO) for wave energy converters.

The PTO is developed in conjunction with oscillating wave surge converters (OWSCs), a class of wave power technology that uses bottom-hinged plates oscillating in pitch following the surge movement of the water particles in the nearshore zone (10 m-25 m water depth).

The development and demonstration of the PTO for a 1 MW OWSC device is based on multiple hardware and software innovations.

The project will generate extensive know-how in the area of PTO design and control systems, with the aim to decrease the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) of next generation OWSC devices.

Further, the project will increase general knowledge of wave energy's applicability and inherent characteristics (such as grid support) in various business cases.

The methodologies used in the project (such as wave-by-wave damping control and prediction, standardized power units) will be applicable to many other Wave Energy Converter types. This will generate new standards and algorithms for PTO control, thus benefiting the broader ocean energy community.

The full-scale PTO will be validated in a PTO test rig available at AW-Energy in Finland.

The facility will allow the consortium to:

  • create power matrices for the wave conditions of different sites
  • fine-tune the PTO control algorithms
  • certify the operation of the PTO
  • ensure that the produced electricity conforms to the various grid codes of different market areas
MegaRoller concept
MegaRoller concept


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