Conferences (and relevant material / Presentations)

Held conferences with presentations (and participants):

- HFC meeting 2019, Theme: "Humans in modern transport systems - who is in control?"; Oslo at 7th and 8th of May 2019.


 Autonomy issues

  • Trust, control, and communication in the transport network J. Lee /Univ. of Wisconsin
  • Planning for the Future: The National Transport Plan and regulatory development in light of new technologies Ø. Skånland /Samf.dept
  • Why are self-driving vehicles crashing and what are key human factors T. Moen /SINTEF
  • Control, Authority, and Responsibility B.W. Smith /Stanford see
  • Veien fra diesel og manuell til elektrisk og autonom transport (Case fra industriell transportløsninger) R. Langfjord /Brønnøy Kalk
  • Meaningful human control over automated driving M. Hagenzieker /TØI & TU Delft
  • What Accident Investigation Has Taught Us (And Continues to Teach Us) About Human Factors in Automated Transportation J. Price /NTSB
  • Railway automation: promises and problems based on lessons from accident investigation and elsewhere M. Young /RAIB
  • BaneNor Traffic Management System: Human Factors experiences from Norway's largest IT project K. Hollingdale; L. Halvorsen /BaneNor
  • Regelverket og autonome skip – utfordringer og arbeid fremover S.D. Medhaug /Sjøfartsdir.
  • Drone assisted surveys to improve customers' operations and surveyors' safety V. Rype /DNV GL

Sensemaking, Trust and Situational Awareness in Automated Systems; - Conference at Halden at 17th and 18th of April 2018: (Invitation/Program) - Presentations

- Digitalization and autonomy – Challenges and opportunities related to Human Interactions; Trondheim at 17th and 18th of October 2017 (Invitation/Program; Participants) - Presentations

- 10. August 2017 – Trondheim: Autonomy and Safety when the human is in the Loop (Invitation/Program, Participants)

     - 0) Åsa Hoem/SINTEF – Introduction and presentation of the SAREPTA project
     - 1) Øystein Haga Skånland/Samferdsels Dept. – The National Transport Plan and Technological Advances in the Transport Sector
     - 2) Mary Cummings/HAL – The human in the loop
     - 3) Ørnulf Rødseth/SINTEF Ocean – Safe human interaction with autonomous ships in Trondheimsfjorden
     - 4) Edmund Førland Brekke/NTNU – World's first Autonomous Passenger and Bicycleferry
     - 5) Gunnar Jenssen/SINTEF Mobility – Why are self-driving vehicles getting involved in crashes and what can we do to reduce conflicts with other road users?
     - 6) Thomas Porathe/NTNU – The problem is not automation, the problem is communication: autonomy, human factors and safety

- UAS conference at Hamar 19th of June 2018; Dronekonferansen Hamar
- Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulation World Congress 2017 Call for Papers: - The World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) 25th ITS World Congress in Copenhagen. Quality of Life 17-21. september 2018 - AUVSI is the world's largest nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics community. Serving more than 7,500 members from government organizations, industry and academia, AUVSI is committed to fostering, developing and promoting unmanned systems and robotics technologies. - Washington 2019 Research Transport Meeting