The overall objective of DECARBit is to enable zero-emission pre-combustion power plants by 2020 with a capture cost of less than 15€/ton with the highest feasible capture rate.
Today the energy supply and use in Europe is heavily based on fossil fuels and imports and to comply with the aspiring policies adopted for Green House Gases (GHG) cuts, progressive R&DD1 action is needed within CCS. DECARBit aims at performing research, development and piloting of advanced pre-combustion CO2 capture technologies which will substantially reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel power plants.

1R&DD – Research Development and Deployment

Expected achievements

  • To assess and research new techniques for pre-combustion CO2 capture.
  • To develop advanced oxygen production techniques.
  • To continue the development efforts in FP6 projects in the pre-combustion area for key enabling technologies.
  • To underpin the cost reduction objective.
  • To establish collaborative schemes with emerging large-scale CCS initiatives in Europe.
  • To perform an assessment of the advanced pre-combustion capture techniques to the benefit of other energy intensive industries.

Project information

  • Co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme
  • Collaborative Project, Large-scale integrating project
  • Enabling advanced pre-combustion capture techniques and plants
Starting date: 1 January 2008
Duration: 48 months
Budget: 15,5 million €
EU contribution: 10,2 million €
Contract No: 211971
Co-ordinator:  SINTEF Energy Research



For general inquiries regarding the DECARBit project and management, please contact: Project coordinator Marie Bysveen