Benkei's service offering is part of a global approach, from the definition of an innovation strategy, through the generation of ideas, structuring into projects, the transition from project to product / service, market studies, up to the commercial development phase.

Benkei accompanies its clients, both public and private, in the definition, implementation and evaluation of their innovation strategy. We support every client involved in innovation, technological or not: those who innovate as well as those who help innovators and wish to develop original approaches.

Benkei favours co-development approaches and long-lasting collaborations, through missions specifically designed for our clients. Our offer lies within an extensive approach, from innovation strategy definition to development strategy, through formations, ideas generation, project engineering, market studies and going from a project to a product/service.

Benkei has acquired on October 1, 2021 the "coordination of collaborative R&I projects" activity of the company Ayming. The consultants, experts in collaborative project management, came with their own experience of H2020 projects.

Benkei is a member and administrator of the French Association of Innovation Consultants, the main representative association of this sector in France. Benkei is active on the working groups on Collaborative Innovation, Marketing and Innovation Strategy.



Philippe Lenain

Philippe Lenain
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