List of all public deliverables in the project

Del. no.  Deliverable Title WP Lead beneficiary Month
D7.1 Project website WP7  SINTEF 6
D6.1 LCA database of environmental impacts to inform material selection process WP6 JCH 6
D3.3 Report on mode II interface cohesive law using an improved single fibre fragmentation test WP3  DTU 12
D3.4 Report on the mixed mode interface cohesive laws using a new test method WP3 DTU 18
D5.2 Characterization of fracture mechanisms, fibre bridging and correlation to AE activity WP5 DTU 18
D6.2 Interim LCA and LCCA report based upon technology selection and modelled processes WP6 JCH 18
D1.1 Micromechanical model for fibre peel-off and pull-out WP1 SINTEF 24
D1.2 Cohesive zone model for mode I and mode II delamination (plane stress) WP1 FIRECO 24
D1.3 Determining the governing actors for promotion of secondary delamination fronts WP1 DTU 24
D1.4 Fatigue model based on a cohesive law WP1 DTU 24
D1.5 Final report about modelling activities and results. (ext. del. date) WP1 FIRECO 52 
D5.1 Advanced algorithms for damage detection from strain measurements WP5 UPM 24
D7.6 Project business case - workshop 1 WP7  Ayming 42
D7.7 Project business case - workshop 2 WP7  Ayming 51
D6.3 Final LCA and LCCA report based upon selected technologies in demonstrators WP6 JCH 53
D6.5 Report on standardisation and guidelines of DACOMAT materials WP6 DNV-GL 53