AIRTIFICIAL is a leading international company in intelligent structures and collaborative robotics. It has decades of experience in the field of engineering, automated and robotic systems and is specialized in the manufacturing of composite parts and structures applied to various sectors such as Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Civil Works, Energy Efficiency.

DOLPHIN Harbor Extension - Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura). Photo: AIRTIFICIAL (former Carbures)

The Airtificial Civil Works Composites Business Unit is based on the capacity to provide services of engineering, manufacture and assembly of construction elements (structural or not) that include elements made of advance composite material, with or without collusion with other traditional building materials (concrete, steel, wood, etc.) in the areas of:

  • Architecture
  • Civil and Industrial Works
  • Oil & Gas
  • Offshore
  • R&D



Maria Nieves Fuentes Munell

Project Manager Civil Works Area
Maria Nieves Fuentes Munell
Project Manager Civil Works Area
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