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UFLEX – Stress Analysis of Power Cables and Umbilicals

UFLEX is a special purpose FE program system for non-linear stress analysis of complex umbilical cross-sections.

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UFLEX can be used both for the purpose of producing capacity curves and for performing fatigue analyses of umbilical cables. For fatigue analyses, a global analysis is performed for obtaining the correct cyclic variations of bending and tension. These loads are applied as input to local analysis performed using UFLEX2D; subjecting the umbilical cable to temperature, internal and external pressure loads in addition to the axial tension and bending cycles.


  • Complex cross-section geometrie
  • Contact and friction stresses
  • Contact definitions with tunable parameters for contact searches, friction, surface stiffness etc.
  • Non-linear relation of curvature and bending moment
  • Ovalization of helix components and cross-section geometry ovalization
  • Recursive definition of cross-section geometry allows nested helices
  • Non-linear material models
  • Initial strains

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