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TIGER - FD modelling and inversion

TIGER is a fully featured 3D finite-difference modeling program. Through efficient parallelization, it can provide synthetic 3D data sets to optimize survey layouts, aid interpretation, test new processing techniques – all within days on industrial-size clusters.

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  • Modeling for acoustic, constant-density acoustic, elastic, VTI, VTI-acoustic, TTI media
  • Viscoacoustic and viscoelastic modeling
  • Arbitrary (on-grid) source and receiver geometries
  • Generation of shot gathers and wavefield snapshots
  • Source types: explosive, shear, directional force
  • Highly effective perfectly-matched layer absorbing boundaries
  • Optional free-surface conditions
  • Up to eighth order optimized spatial difference operators to allow for coarser grids and control numerical dispersion
  • Automatic stability check gives recommendation for time step and FD operator order
  • Dual parallelization for model decomposition and simultaneous multi-shot modeling

Technical specifications

  • Support of 64-bit and 32-bit linux platforms
  • Java User Interface with tutorial


  • Micro scale: modeling of wave propagation in drill cores
  • Large models: tested for model sizes larger than 1000x1000x500 cells
  • 3D surveys: used for modeling a survey with >5000 shots and 3D receiver coverage, producing >1TeraByte of data
  • Long-term simulations: stability has been verified for >30s of wave propagation, >20min for acoustic models

The code is available for leasing but we can realize modelling studies as well.

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