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Scoop Roster

A software component for automatic optimization of rosters

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Scoop Roster is a member of SINTEF's Scoop software suite for optimization. It can be integrated into third party software to efficiently solve complex rostering problems.

Rostering is the process of creating a work schedule for personnel by matching staff to shifts for a given planning horizon while considering skills, competence, fairness, laws, and regulations. The output is a schedule of the working hours for the employees that also provides an overview of staff utilization and related expenses.

Producing a personnel schedule is a complex task: some organizations need staff every hour of every day and the demand for staff varies over time. In addition, the schedule must follow labor laws, union regulations, organizations' policies, and sometimes even consider employees preference. The task also involves multiple stakeholders (employer, employees, and customers), whose objectives need to be taken into consideration simultaneously when searching for the best schedule. The main focus of the employer might be efficient resource utilization at minimum cost, while an employee would like to see fair working patterns and the possibility to plan non-working time. For the customers, short waiting time and quality of service (personnel competence) might be the main concern.

Scoop Roster helps the planner by quickly producing high quality rosters that conform to the given constraints. It is currently deployed in the transport and health domains.