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GoTools isa collection of C++ libraries related to geometry targeting Computer Aided Design (CAD), Isogeometric Analysis (IgA) and big data approximation and analysis.

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GoTools includes algorithms for creation geometric object in explicit (parametric) and implicit form, interrogation of such objects as well as calculation of the spatial relations between objects (e.g., calculating intersection between objects). GoTools also include data structures for building structures of geometric objects (b-rep, and trimmed tri-variate spline blocks).

  • Tools started out as a tool targeting the needs of Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Since 2008 GoTools have been extended to support IsoGeometric Analysis
  • From 2013 approximation and analysis of big data have been added to GoTools
  • In CAxMan from 2015 extension to GoTools have been made to support AdditiveManufacturing focusing on tri-variate spline representations
  • Interoperability to b-rep CAD is support by the use of Jotne ICT's Express Data Manager™

For more information on Gotools go to the GoTools Pages.

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