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The SimPos project has the goal to further develop the SIMA workbench for positioning analyses and comprises various fields. Aside general improvements to the post-processor, the workflow engine, and the plotting system, major new abilities will be developed.

Folder structures will allow the users to better organise complex multi-condition analyses while Custom Editors will enable the definition of solution-specific graphical user interfaces. Moreover, the Model Description element will simplify the automated inclusion of model details in generated reports.

The modelling of meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) data is currently being developed and is essential especially for positioning analyses. The import and export in HDF5 format supports analyses which generate or consume large volumes of data.

One of the furthest reaching development efforts is the distributed execution of simulations and analyses on external hardware. A simulation and analysis can be defined as a workflow on relative low power desktop or laptop. It can then be submitted to a powerful SIMACompute server for execution. Once the results of an analysis are available, they can be retrieved either from the original workbench or any other machine with access to the original workspace. Once retrieved, the results can be visualised and documented using the standard SIMA tools.