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SIMLA – pipeline analysis tool

SIMLA is a special-purpose computer program system for nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of pipelines.

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The structural integrity throughout the pipeline life cycle can be evaluated by SIMLA. All relevant nonlinear effects for pipelines can be modeled such as elasto-plastic material responses, large 3D motions and frictional contact interactions. Efficient computational procedures tailor-made for simulation of pipeline laying operations are included.

Detailed seabed surface representation and advanced soil-pipe interaction models are available. Complex irregular seabeds topographies can therefore be addressed. High-performance contact elements for bellmouths, rollers, 3D bodies and pipe-in-pipe systems are also implemented.

A 3D visualisation module developed specifically for assessment of pipeline routes and seabed intervention is included. The module utilizes a very fast rendering technique which is capable of exporting high quality images and animations.


  • Effective and robust laying simulation method
  • Lateral and upheaval buckling analysis
  • Simulation of fishing gear interaction loads
  • Assessment of laying stability
  • Optimisation of pipe route and seabed intervention

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