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SCORE – Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Core Development Project

The SCORE project is a software development project for creating a framework for handling cross disciplinary engineering problems involving fluid and solid mechanics with complex boundaries and free surfaces.

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The benefit to society will be a more integrated and optimized approach to challenging industrial problems, natural hazards and thus help industry innovate and society to more accurately assess and mitigate risks.

Simulation of sloshing/wave movements in a tank. The fluid is held back using a barrier erected at one end of the tank. The barrier is quickly removed and the wave slams against the opposite wall.
Visualization by SINTEF ICT

  • The motivation for developing the SCORE framework is a trend in industry and from public institutions to request coupled / integrated analysis of problems rather than isolated analysis of parts of a problem or system. As part of our vision "Technology for a better Society" the SCORE project will strive to bring numerical analysis to challenges that have hitherto been beyond the practical reach of engineering analysis.
  • The SCORE framework will be used to solve problems that require a cross disciplinary approach, e.g. within marine hydrodynamics, geotechnical hazards, fisheries and aquaculture, medical applications, complex flows in chemical and petroleum industries, material processing and civil engineering.
  • The SCORE framework is designed to be modular and expandable and has been designed by a cross disiplinary team to ensure generality. Building on the expertise of 20 developers from 6 research divisions in SINTEF. Combined with SINTEF's wide range of validation data from its many laboratories and the possibility to obtain new validation data puts it at a unique advantage in order to offer its clients a leading edge in simulation. The framework can easily be tailored to fit specific client needs.