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Sand Production Prediction

SandPredictor is a user-friendly analytical volumetric sand production tool for field prediction.

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The user can check the influence of planned oil production strategies on the amount of expected sand, and thus tailor both draw-down and depletion scenarios so as to minimise sand production during the whole expected life of the reservoir.

SandPredictor uses a semi-empirical sand production model developed in the Sand Production JIP. The model is a combination of analytical borehole stress calculation together with correlations developed from extensive hollow-cylinder sand production laboratory tests; these correlation factors predict the stress for onset of sand and the mass of produced sand as a function of stress state and fluid flow rate.

The SandPredictor System consists of the following elements:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Calculates sand production based on intended draw-down and assumed depletion field history
  • Allows reservoir properties’ input parameters from log
  • Suggests default sand onset stress from SINTEF correlations, or user defined ones
  • Calculation for either open-hole or perforated well
  • Any well inclination allowed
  • Wealth of possible data in plotting options

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