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Communication with ship systems and sensors is time-consuming and difficult. It requires knowledge about the physical locations, protocol, settings and data format. Ratatosk facilitates simple reuse and development of vessel-independent ship applications by providing onboard data spaces.

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Ratatosk is a set of applications and libraries for real-time data exchange, with focus on interfacing ship systems for purposes such as logging, monitoring, and control. Ratatosk includes an API which provides a bridge between ship systems and your own software, as well as a set of executables with ready-made functionalities.


Ratatosk creates a data space for real-time communication and data exchange. Communication is based on publish/subscribe over the local network, based solely on the name of the data, eliminating the need-to-know ship-specific information (such as IP addresses, ports, protocols, baud rate, etc.). This makes it possible to develop applications that interact with the ship's systems, without adapting to specific ships. This is similar to how you can install an app on a smartphone without knowing details about e.g., its accelerometer.


  • Makes sensor data easily available.
  • Facilitates vessel-agnostic higher-order functionality, such as decision support.
  • Is a foundation for applications which interface ship systems without adaptation to individual ships.
  • Out-of-the-box support for distributed applications.
  • Builds on Data Distribution Service
  • Can communicate with other DDS implementations
  • Built on open and proven standards.
  • Uses publish-subscribe communication
  • Gives easy handling of complex data structures.

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