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OSCAR – Oil Spill Contingency and Response

OSCAR is a state of the art model and simulation tool for predicting the fates and effects of oil released during an accidental release of oil, either from a platform or a vessel. OSCAR provides insight in the behavior of oil during an accident and captures the effects of contingency and response, allowing for contingency analysis and planning as well as hind- and forecasting.

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About the Oscar model

The model accounts for weathering, the physical, biological and chemical processes affecting oil at sea. Many of these processes are strongly coupled with laboratory activities at SINTEF on oil weathering. Contingency and response strategies provided ranges from mechanical collection of oil to dispersant application on surface and in water.

OSCAR has been involved in and is still in use for planning, hind- and forecasting of accidental releases in locations such as the Northern and Baltic Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea.

OSCAR is continuously updated and actively developed with the industry in order to improve the existing model and applying the model software to new problem areas.

The model software contains several sub-models which also exist as separate model products:

  • Oil Weathering Model describes with both first principles and experimental results the weathering processes of oil on the sea.
  • DeepBlow describes the spreading of oil from a subsea release, describing the multiphase plume trajectory including oil and gas.

OSCAR also supports doing statistical or stochastic modeling, providing insight in how a typical oil spill scenario behaves under a wide range of weather or seasonal conditions.

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