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External sharing of transformer design data and measurements

This web site contains detailed design data and measured transient responses for two power transformers, manufactured by WEG Transformers, Mexico.

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The information is a result from the activities of CIGRE JWG A2/C4.52 High frequency transformer and reactor models for network studies (2014-2022).

Information about the two transformers and the measurements is given in Part E of the Technical Brochure from CIGRE JWG A2/C4.52, available from e-cigre (

The transient responses described in CIGRE Technical Brochure 904 [1] are downloadable in a zip-file.

It is the intention that transformer industry, universities and research institutes make use of this information to develop more accurate and efficient white-box transformer models. The information can also be used by manufacturers to validate their modeling tools.

Any use of the data requires that proper referencing is made to [1] and to this web site [2]. No copying of material to another open web site is permitted, nor any  other means of data distribution.

  1. CIGRE Technical Brochure 904, “High-frequency transformer and reactor models.
    Part E – Measurements and design data,” CIGRE JWG A2/C4.52, April 2023. Available from CIGRE publications