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Battery technology and material development

In order to produce batteries with improved properties at a lower cost and with reduced carbon footprint, significant research efforts are needed.

We must develop both the battery technology itself as well as the associated materials, from extracting and processing raw materials, and producing active battery materials, to developing new battery chemistries, cell designs and methods for cell production.

At SINTEF, we work with customers throughout the entire value chain – from raw materials production to battery reuse and recycling. The circular economy and sustainability are considered in all our battery-related research.

Traditionally, 95% of all battery production has taken place in Asia (mainly China, Japan and South Korea). In addition, a lot of the materials used in battery cell manufacturing come from non-European countries. However, in the past 2-3 years, Europe has started investing in battery cell production, and there is great potential for developing a new industry in Europe and Norway.

In order for Europe to become self-sufficient with batteries, let alone the raw materials used in material production, it is extremely important that we develop our knowledge on raw materials extraction, materials development and production, and battery cell manufacturing. In addition, recycling and use of recycled materials in battery cell production will play significant roles in reducing the carbon footprint of the batteries.

Norway is well positioned and has a number of competitive advantages for cost-effective, environmentally friendly battery production with low carbon emissions.

At SINTEF, we have cutting-edge expertise in material development, battery production, raw materials and recycling. In addition to assignments commissioned by industry, we are heavily involved in R&D activity via EU projects. In this respect, we have built up a strong reputation over recent years.

New laboratories for battery technology and material development

In 2022, new laboratory infrastructure will be established for battery research. As this infrastructure continuously develop in the following years, we will expand our expertise and knowledge on manufacturing battery cells. The new laboratories will also enable us to create and test battery cells on a commercial scale, as well as further develop production processes, such as “slurry” mixing, electrode production (including drying methods), cell assembly, and formation cycling and electrochemical testing.

We work with the following topics:

Our typical projects include:

  • Evaluating new materials from manufacturers for use in batteries
  • Working with industry partners to further develop materials and production processes
  • Testing battery cells and modules, and assessing characteristics, degradation and life cycles

Who do we do this for?

  • Material suppliers
  • Battery cell manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of battery modules and packs

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