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Vacant positions

Vacant positions

For more than 60 years, our research has delivered innovation and revolutionary solutions for the society and our clients around the globe. It has made SINTEF to one of the most popular employers in Norway. As an important team member with us, you get trust, challenging tasks and a good opportunity for professional and personal development.

Welcome to SINTEF - Technology for a better society.

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Position Unit Work place Application due
Environmental Modeling Researchers SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
EU-rådgiver SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Forsker - havbasert miljømodellering SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Forsker - Marine konstruksjoner og operasjoner SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Forsker/Prosjektleder innen produkt-utvikling/produktdesign i havbruksteknologi SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Forsker/Seniorforsker - Maritime energisystemer SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Forsker/Seniorforsker innen sjømat- og matvitenskap SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Forsker/Seniorforsker innen utvikling av redskapsteknologi for fiskerier SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Rådgiver ledelse SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Seniorforsker/Senior prosjektleder innen havbrukskonstruksjoner SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Forsker/seniorforsker – Miljøvurderinger og livssyklusanalyse bygg SINTEF Community Oslo
Research scientist in fishing gear technology SINTEF Ocean Trondheim
Research position within Security- and Risk-assessment for IoT Software SINTEF Digital Oslo
Research Scientists – Mathematics & Cybernetics SINTEF Digital Oslo
Forskningssjef SINTEF Digital Trondheim
Postdoctoral scholarship: machine learning and control of dynamic systems SINTEF Digital Oslo
Research scientist/Senior scientist Machine Vision SINTEF Digital Oslo
Forskningsleder for Cyber Security SINTEF Digital Trondheim


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