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PV-Solar Cell Materials

PV-solar cell materials is the name of the Gemini Centre unifying organisational structure with Heliosi as the laboratory function. The Gemini Centre was jointly founded by SINTEF (Materials and Chemistry) and NTNU (Faculty for Natural Science and Technology, Institute for Materials Technology and Institute for Physics). It’s primary task is to contribute to the building of a robust research community at a high quality level - and to make it possible for the included research communities to together catch and realize opportunities that create added value to the total community.

The essential scientific and market related areas for the Gemini Centre are production, characterisation, modelling, fabrication and/or use of materials that either itself will be a part of a solar cell system or that represents a neccessary element in the manufacturing process. The functional material silisium is the single material attracting the most activity today.

Relevant activity areas of NTNU and SINTEF include education, fundamental research, strategic research, contract research and contractor operations. For NTNU, the core business is education, fundamental and strategic research while the core business of SINTEF is strategic research and contract research. However, employees at SINTEF can contribute within the core business of NTNU - and the other way around.

The Gemini Centre also has an essential task in making the collective activity visible to others, considering the personell continuity and to contribute to further competence development.