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Employees in Casting, Forming and Recycling

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Name Title Phone Email
Bao, Sarina Bao, Sarina Research Scientist
Grøtta Skorpen, Kristian Grøtta Skorpen, Kristian Research Scientist
Hansen, Ingrid Hansen, Ingrid Engineer
Karlsen, Birgitte Sofie Karlsen, Birgitte Sofie Senior Engineer
Kvithyld, Anne Kvithyld, Anne Senior Research Scientist
Onsøien, Morten Ingar Onsøien, Morten Ingar Research Manager
Sandaunet, Kurt Sandaunet, Kurt Engineer
Syvertsen, Martin Syvertsen, Martin Senior Research Scientist
Wahlberg, Toril Marie Wahlberg, Toril Marie Department Coordinator
Zhang, Kai Zhang, Kai Research Scientist