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External environment

SINTEF takes external environmental issues very seriously. Such issues impact on our social responsibility, reputation and integrity. Our ambition is to be a world-leader in research into, and the development of, environmentally sustainable solutions.

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SINTEF has adopted an environmental policy which entails obligations. For this reason it is important that we safeguard the environment as part of our day-to-day activities.

SINTEF wishes always to be improving its status as a supplier by adapting to market expectations.

We stipulate environmental requirements in relation to our suppliers and have incorporated them into our contracts.

SINTEF's environmental commitments are important if we are to attract new employees, who should be proud to work for an environmentally aware organisation.

Environmental management

SINTEF shall meet the requirements set out in the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.

By working systematically to reduce our environmental footprint, SINTEF displays its environmental responsibilities and meets the expectations of our clients. Our efforts to meet the standard also raise our employees' environmental awareness.

SINTEF is currently preparing a joint environmental action plan in which energy efficient operations and effective waste management procedures will be incorporated as essential features. All eight institutes at SINTEF are preparing their own environmental action plans, and several are certified according to the ISO 14001 standard.