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Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

Research can help solve global crises, but the pace of development is not fast enough. The world faces profound challenges – from climate change and the destruction of nature to war and polarisation. At SINTEF, we want to help accelerate the transition necessary to solve these problems.
Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO of SINTEF

Key figures 2023


An independent research institute with good results



Employees from 80 different countries contribute to 1,950 published reports


We strive for diversity and gender balance

A brief look at SINTEF’s 2023

How to mitigate household flood damage

How to mitigate household flood damage

Was your house damaged following the recent ‘Hans’ extreme weather event? SINTEF can advise you about what you can do to limit the extent of the damage.

Extracting valuable minerals in Norway

Extracting valuable minerals in Norway

Today, products that utilise rare materials are for the most part manufactured in China. However, the EU has recently decided to boost its raw materials supply security. Researchers and the minerals industry are now looking to Norway.