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Information on complaint handling in SINTEF

SINTEF works on continuous improvement of its products and services. Active and good dialogue with our internal and external stakeholders about complaints is part of this work.

Contact person

Right of appeal

  • Both external and internal parties can complain about the delivery related to activity or result. 
  • Complaints can be addressed to SINTEF by contacting SINTEF contact person, project manager or quality manager.

Appeal procedure

  • Upon receipt of a complaint, the head of the activity complained of will immediately initiate the processing of the complaint. 
  • Receipt of complaint will be confirmed in writing to the complaining party within one week. Upon completion of the hearing, the complaining party will receive a written report on the outcome of the assessment.

Accredited laboratories

  • For work performed in accredited laboratories, the complaint will be processed by a case responsible other than the person who has performed the activity being complained of.

Find employees

If you do not know who in SINTEF to contact, you can always call SINTEF switchboard at +47 40 00 51 00 and they will be able to help you get in touch with the right person.