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Pre- and post-construction studies of conflicts between birds and wind turbines in coastal Norway (BirdWind). Report on findings 2007-2010


The BirdWind project (2007-2010) is now concluded. This report summarises the main findings. Several scientific papers are in the process of preparation for publication in international peer re-view journals; this report only provides a brief overview. The main project objective has been to study species-, site- and seasonal-specific bird mortality; and to identify vulnerable species and site-specific factors that should be considered to improve the basis for future pre- and post con-struction EIAs in connection with wind power-plant constructions. To reach these goals work pack-ages and sub-projects have focused on behavioural and response studies at individual and popu-lation levels, for selected model species. The white-tailed eagle has been a focal species during the studies, as several fatalities were recorded in connection with the Smøla Wind-Power Plant (SWPP) even before the project started; the SWPP has been the main arena for project fieldwork. Modelling the WTE collision risk and making a WTE population model were important elements of the project activities. The development of methodologies and technical tools for data collection and mitigating measures has also been an important part of the project. For practical convenience the project was divided into eight subprojects focusing on 1) bird mortality, 2) willow ptarmigan, 3) breeding waders and smaller passerines, 4) white-tailed eagle, 5) bird radar, 6) mitigating technol-ogy, 7) data flow and storage systems and 8) GIS, visualization and terrain modelling. Results and preliminary conclusions related to each of these subtasks are reported.
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  • Research Council of Norway (RCN) / 193818




  • Kjetil Modolv Bevanger
  • Finn Erik Harald Berntsen
  • Stig Morten Clausen
  • Espen Lie Dahl
  • Øystein Flagstad
  • Arne Follestad
  • Duncan John Halley
  • Frank Ole Hanssen
  • Lars Johnsen
  • Pål Kvaløy
  • Pernille* Lund-Hoel
  • Roelof Frans May
  • Torgeir Nygård
  • Hans-Christian Pedersen
  • Ole Reitan
  • Eivin Røskaft
  • Yngve Steinheim
  • Bård Gunnar Stokke
  • Roald Vang


  • Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
  • SINTEF Digital / Smart Sensors and Microsystems
  • Unknown
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology




Norsk institutt for naturforskning





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