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The challenges of secure and trustworthy service composition in the Future Internet


The development of the Future Internet will see a move towards widespread use of services as a way of networked interaction. However, while the technologies for deploying services are well established, methods for ensuring trust and security are less well developed. In particular, current service security standards and technologies tend to be focussed on specific areas, such as security at the communication level. In order for users to be confident that their security requirements are being satisfied, a more holistic approach is required. For example, the security claims of a service should be known in advance, and a user should be able to make judgements about the trustworthiness of a service and its likelihood of fulfilling these claims. This should apply to services running in isolation, as well as those comprised of other services from different providers. We present a high level design of the Aniketos platform that aims to address some of these challenges, providing capabilities for managing trust, security and threats in relation to services in the Future Internet. While still at an early stage, this high level design provides an insight into how the platform is expected to develop in the future.


Academic chapter/article/Conference paper





  • SINTEF Digital / Software Engineering, Safety and Security
  • Spain
  • Liverpool John Moores University




IEEE conference proceedings


6th International Conference on System of Systems Engineering (SoSE), 27-30 June 2011, Albuquerque




329 - 334

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