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Bioglider: An Integrated Glider Solution for Enhancing Environmental Knowledge


This paper presents a technological solution for the observation and monitoring of the marine ecosystem. Three complementary devices, one optic imaging and one scientific acoustic instrument as well as one acoustic communication modem, have been integrated on glider platforms, providing qualitative and quantitative zooplankton and fish ecology observations, which are especially relevant in Nordic and Arctic polar regions. This ‘Bioglider’ solution has been tested on two available gliders. Another essential platform component for ocean observing are subsurface mooring lines which can complement glider observations in terms of temporal scales. Most of the time, they cannot have surface expressions in these regions because of sea-ice cover or harsh sea conditions, prohibiting real time data delivery. Underwater acoustic communication can allow the glider to serve as a data messenger, retrieving data from the moorings, complementing its measuring capacities. The Bioglider data transmission protocol and the Hydro-Acoustic Link Simulator were successfully tested in different test scenarios. We also developed a MIMO (Multi-input Multi-output) acoustic platform and obtained theoretical results about equalizing structures to face the harsh multipath acoustic underwater propagation. These developments address the challenges posed by sea-ice cover, harsh sea conditions, and maritime traffic, ensuring near real-time data delivery and enabling comprehensive observations of the marine environment. The Bioglider sensor solution and Bioglider data transmission solution have been implemented or designed for the existing and commercially available gliders and are validated by first promising results from an operational, technological and scientific point of view.


Academic anthology/Conference proceedings




  • Yves Ponçon
  • Laurent Mortier
  • Marc Picheral
  • Peer Fitzek
  • Dan Hayes
  • Ehsan Abdi
  • Jakub Zdroik
  • Jerome Coindat
  • Muriel Dunn
  • Virginie Ramasco
  • Morten Thorstensen
  • Lionel Camus
  • Pierre Priou
  • Sünnje Linnéa Basedow
  • Geir Pedersen
  • Tarak Arbi
  • Benoit Geller


  • Sorbonne University
  • Unknown
  • Kongsberg Maritime AS
  • Cyprus
  • Akvaplan-niva AS
  • Institute of Marine Research
  • UiT The Arctic University of Norway




IEEE conference proceedings



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