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GeoEnergy 2023


hank you all presenters and participants making the GeoEnergy 2023 conference a success. The heat market is enormous. At the same time, the electric energy from renewable sources are limited. As such, to decarbonize the heating and cooling needs other solutions are required - that can be harvested from the ground.

Today the ground source heat pump systems, for heating and cooling purposes are mature and ready for market - and being profitable for the user and highly valued for the society. There is an ongoing mature industry that roll out these solutions.

At the same time, research and development are needed to increase resource potential even further. With improved technologies we reach greater depths, with better understanding of surface needs we can build tailored systems that minimize the system cost, by deploying sensors and autonomous operations we can make better use of the existing systems.

As such, even though the solutions are ready - and significant savings for society can be achieved with todays solutions - we can still go further.

The 60 conference participants represented 39 different organizations, ranging from industrial suppliers of solutions, to service companies that are pivoting from oil and gas into the heating and cooling market, from academic institutions, to get the European perspective on the need for technologies that could close the gap between when energy is produced till when it is needed. We also learned about the innovative business models for how to develop and operate such solutions. In addition, we had representatives from the financial market, that are looking into how to mobilize large capital players into this segment.

In the end, we were very pleased to warmly welcome the state secretary, Andreas Bjelland Eriksen from the Oil and Energy Department, that presented the governmental perspective on the current day situation, and the need for roll-out of geothermal solutions going forward.






  • Anders Nermoen
  • Gilles Pelfrene
  • Fionn Iversen
  • Christian Bertil Von der Ohe
  • Roar Nybø
  • Ivar Stefansson


  • NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS
  • University of Agder
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • SINTEF Industry / Applied Geoscience
  • University of Bergen

Presented at

GeoEnergy 2023 - bi-annual conference on geothermal applications


Bergen, NORCE


05.06.2023 - 06.06.2023


GEAN - Geothermal Energy Association of Norway



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