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Real-Time Performance of Industrial IoT Communication Technologies: A Review


With the growing need for automation and the ongoing merge of OT and IT, industrial networks have to transport a high amount of heterogeneous data with mixed criticality such as control traffic, sensor data, and configuration messages. Current advances in IT technologies furthermore enable a new set of automation scenarios under the roof of Industry 4.0 and IIoT where industrial networks now have to meet new requirements in flexibility and reliability. The necessary real-time guarantees will place significant demands on the networks. In this paper, we identify IIoT use cases and infer real-time requirements along several axes before bridging the gap between real-time network technologies and the identified scenarios. We review real-time networking technologies and present peer-reviewed works from the past 5 years for industrial environments. We investigate how these can be applied to controllers, systems, and embedded devices. Finally, we discuss open challenges for real-time communication technologies to enable the identified scenarios. The review shows academic interest in the field of real-time communication technologies but also highlights a lack of a fixed set of standards important for trust in safety and reliability, especially where wireless technologies are concerned.


Academic literature review


  • Research Council of Norway (RCN) / 323340





  • Technical University Berlin
  • SINTEF Digital / Mathematics and Cybernetics



Published in

IEEE Internet of Things Journal




IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

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