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Operation and maintenance decision support tools – benchmarking and outlook


As the offshore wind industry has matured, the last decade has seen the development of numerous operation and maintenance (O&M) decision support tools and models. These include strategic decision support tools, such as simulation tools for estimating O&M costs and wind farm availability, and operational decision support tools considering problems such as maintenance scheduling and vessel routing. The scientific and commercial state of the art for strategic decision support tools has been comprehensively reviewed, and there are many strategic decision support tools that are commercially available. The same does not apply to operational decision support tools, which seem to a larger extent to still be at the research stage.

This presentation will first consider the verification and validation (V&V) of offshore wind O&M decision support tools. V&V is key in building confidence in research-based models and advancing them to be applied industrially and commercially. More specifically, the first part of the presentation will focus on model benchmarking or (inter)comparison as an approach to V&V. Model benchmarking can also contribute to advancing the scientific state of the art by helping model developers to identify key modelling assumptions and aspects for which more research is needed. The presentation will give an overview of previous work on benchmarking of strategic decision support tools and some of the lessons learned, which may have implications for the continued development and V&V of decision support models for other offshore wind applications.

The second part of the presentation will consider operational O&M decision support models (routing and scheduling) and give a brief overview of the scientific state of the art and common modelling assumptions. Based on ongoing work it will finally give an outlook focusing on a few selected modelling aspects, namely the technical condition of wind turbine components and interdependencies between wind farm control and wind farm maintenance scheduling.


Academic lecture


  • EC/H2020 / 851207




  • SINTEF Energy Research / Energisystemer

Presented at

Wind Energy Science Conference


Hannover (virtual conference)


25.05.2021 - 28.05.2021


ForWind and Leibniz University Hannover



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