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Successful asset management strategy implementation of cyber-physical systems


With the onset of the breakthrough innovations in Industry 4.0, digitalisation is expected to improve the value creation from industrial assets. A fundamental in Industry 4.0 is to virtually represent technical objects such as machines and production plants in cyber-physical systems (CPS). As a concrete Norwegian initiative based upon these opportunities, the on-going research project CPS Plant is expected to contribute to improved production performance both in manufacturing and production companies. CPS Plant will develop and implement enabling technologies and methods for Norwegian Industries where CPS will integrate the virtual world with the physical world. To support this ambition for the Norwegian Industry, the development of a successful asset management strategy implementation in CPS Plant should be regarded as relevant. With a sound asset management strategy implemented, coordinated activities in the organisation should realize value from assets. Today an own framework for CPS Plant has been developed and is expected to be fundamental for further research activities in CPS Plant. The aim in this article is to propose an asset management strategy implementation that will support implementation of CPS Plant in Norwegian manufacturing and production companies. The asset management strategy will be based on fundamental organisation theories as well as experiences from the project. The article concludes that all though the asset management strategy Implementation will be tested in Norwegian companies, it remains to evaluate how this strategy should be “adjusted” for similar implementation in other countries.


Academic article


  • Research Council of Norway (RCN) / 267752





  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • SINTEF Manufacturing



Published in

Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering






15 - 22

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