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The role of research organizations in SESAR 2020


Abstract:  This paper reports on the role of research organizations within the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR 2020) Research and Innovation (R&I) Programme. The SESAR 2020 Programme (2016 to 2021) is intended to demonstrate the viability of the technological and operational solutions already developed within the preceding SESAR R&I Programme (from 2008 to 2016) in larger and more operationally-integrated environments. SESAR 2020 is divided into two sections. One part is the so called Industrial Research (IR) and Very Large Demonstrations (VLD) part with a funding of 398 Mio. € conducted by a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) consisting of 19 members. The second part is the so called Exploratory Research (ER) part with a funding of 81 Mio. € contracted via open Horizon 2020 calls. While the Exploratory Research covers the lower Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 1 and 2 the Industrial Research is covering TRL 3 to 6. The above mentioned Very Largescale Demonstrations are organized in two ways. They are partly covered by the members of the PPP and partly contracted via open Horizon 2020 calls with a funding of 37 Mio. €. These calls are especially addressing the involvement of the airspace users, e.g. airlines.
The only research organizations which are full members of the PPP are: 1) Stiftelsen SINTEF from Norway as part of the North European ATM Industry Group - NATMIG Consortium 2) Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfahrt e. V. (German Aerospace Centre, DLR) and 3) Stichting Nationaal Luchten Ruimtevaartlaboratorium (Netherlands Aerospace Centre, NLR) together forming the AT-One Consortium. All three organizations are involved in every part of the SESAR 2020 research programme. In addition they are coordinating several projects in the Exploratory Research section plus one project in Industrial Research section and one Very Largescale Demonstration.
From the experience gained within these three research organizations, this paper will give an overview about the different research topics as well as about the role of research organizations within the SESAR 2020 programme.


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EIWAC 2017 ENRI Int. Workshop on ATM/CNS. Tokyo, Japan




14.11.2017 - 16.11.2017





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