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MultiSEPT - Full scale tests of the semicircular spreading gear (SCSG)


This report describes full scale tests at sea with the semi-circular spreading gear (SCSG). This activity is part
of Work Package 3 (WP3: Development of new ground gear of the MultiSEPT project.

spreading of the SCSG and rockhopper gear was measured by use of MARPORT distance sensors.
Bottom contact was monitored by use of SCANMAR trawl sensors and by underwater cameras mounted in the headline and belly of the trawl. Fishing efficiency of these two gears was assessed by comparing the size distributions of fish caught by each gear.

The results showed that the spreading (distance between wing-ends) was approximately 7 % higher with the SCSG than with the rockhopper gear for the same door spreading. The SCSG had good bottom contact and passed bottom obstacles (e.g. stones) easily. The size distribution of fish caught with the SCSG was very similar to that caught with the rockhopper, but apparently more cod (over 65 cm) and more haddock (of all sizes) was caught by this gear. However, the number of hauls performed with the SCSP and with the
rockhopper was too small to draw a clear conclusion on catch efficiency.

The SCSG is a gear that is easy to rig and handle on deck, it does not require accurate adjustments, it has
few control points, it has low weight and the results indicate that its performance at sea is comparable or
better than the rockhopper gear for the given bottom conditions.
Further development of the SCSG should emphasise on the choice of material that can reduces wear of the
gear and the extent its life
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  • Eduardo Grimaldo
  • Manu Berrondo Sistiaga
  • Roger B. Larsen
  • Ivan Tatone
  • fredrik Olsen


  • SINTEF Ocean / Fisheries and New Biomarine Industry
  • Universitetet i Tromsø - Norges arktiske universitet
  • Unknown




SINTEF Fiskeri og havbruk



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