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CAxMan - Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing


The Additive Manufacturing (AM) market is expected reach 16.2 billion USD by 2018 [1]. As a result, there will be increasing demand for a software ecosystem that enables Computer Aided Technologies (CAx) support of AM processes and machines. However, to move from prototypes and demonstration 3D-models to real industrial use one needs to document and certify the quality of the outcomes of AM processes, such as product strength, surface quality, material behaviour and shape constraints.
The objectives of Horizon 2020 Factories of the Future project Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing [2] (Spetember 2015 - August 2018, Grant Agreement No 680448) are to establish Cloud based Toolboxes, Workflows and a One Stop-Shop for CAx-technologies supporting the design, simulation and process planning for Additive Manufacturing. More specifically the objectives are to establish analysis-based design approaches with the following aims:
- To reduce material usage by 12%, and increase weight savings by introducing internal cavities and voids, whilst maintaining component properties;
- To optimize distribution and grading of material for multi-material Additive Manufacturing processes;
- To facilitate the manufacture of components which are currently impossible or very difficult to produce by subtractive processes (e.g., cutting and abrasive operations);
- To enhance analysis-based process planning for Additive Manufacturing including thermal and stress aspects, and their interoperability with the design phase;
- To enable the compatibility of additive and subtractive processes in production in order to combine the flexibility of shape in Additive Manufacturing with the surface finish of subtractive processes.

CAxMan has ambition to deliver:
- A Cloud Portal in form of a marketplace for Cloud applications and services addressing the design, analysis and production chain for Additive Manufacturing. Hence, all necessary software components to act as a Broker of such services will be developed in CAxMan.
- An ecosystem of Open Source algorithmic toolkits for Additive Manufacturing will be established during the life time of the project. In order to enable sustainability of the marketplace after the project duration, and engage the Open Source community.
- Lessons Learned and practical pattern collections of quantifiable advantages of findings with respect to interoperable model representations for the design production chain for Additive Manufacturing.
- Extension of ISO 10303 (STEP) Part 242 edition 2, and to ISO/ASTM52915.
The lecture will present some selected first results and methods.
References: RACONTEUR Media, #0291, 2014-12-11




  • EU / 680448





  • SINTEF Digital / Mathematics and Cybernetics

Presented at

ECCOMAS Congress 2016


Hersonissos, Kreta


05.06.2016 - 10.06.2016





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