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How to Boost Self Compacting Concrete?


Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) has several inherent advantages as a material and as a production process, but it still only counts for merely 2 % of the total ready-mixed concrete volume in Norway as in many other European countries. The advantages, like more efficient construction, less labour intensive, improvements related to HES, high quality products and attractive surfaces, meets the demands from the customers and the society. Thus, use of SCC has the potential to enhance the reputation of the concrete industry. So, why don'n we use it? The prefab industry does and has taken advantages of the improvements produces.SCC is not only a material, it is a construction concept and accordingly, it needs involvement from a large part of the value chain, i.e., material suppliers, concrete producers, contractors, building owners, architects, and consultatants in order to utilise its true potential. Therefore, the Norwegian Concrete Association took the initiative to gather representatives from various companies with the aim to identify the obstacles preventing further use of SCC and to launch a market oriented innovation project.


Academic lecture




  • Einar Aassved Hansen
  • Jan Moksnes
  • Inge Eeg
  • Terje Rønning
  • Tor Arne Hammer
  • Ottar Bakås


  • SINTEF Community / Architecture, Materials and Structures

Presented at

XV ERMCO Congress


Sevilla, Spania, June 3-6 2007


03.06.2007 - 06.06.2007


XV ERMCO Congress



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