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Challenges and solutions for user interface design on mobile devices


The main goal of the FLAMICO (FLexible Applications exploiting Multi modal INteraction andContext) BIP project (176828/S10) is to facilitate Norwegian service and application developers aswell as tool vendors in meeting the challenges they face in the next years to come when developinguser interfaces on mobile devices. This shall be achieved through finding solutions to some of themajor problems facing developers of future mobile solutions. In FLAMINCO, these problem areasare addressed:1) Handling layout in varying conditions2) Multi modal user interfaces3) Adaptive and context sensitive user interfaces4) Forms based user interfaces (including automatically generated ones)Issues regarding both user interface design and evaluation methods are addressed in FLAMINCO,but the presentation will focus on the activities in the project addressing user interface design.In the presentation, the four problem areas addressed in the project will be described in moredetail, including which challenges that are addressed in each problem area, and how these arefounded in the pilot activities conducted by the participating industry partners (Captura, ITliberator, Locus and Teleplan). We will also present preliminary solutions to and promisingdirections for some of these challenges.The design challenges and their solutions are documented as design guidelines using a standarduser interface design patterns format. The design guidelines being developed in FLAMINCOcomplement, enhance and extend the design guidelines developed in the BIP project UMBRA(2004-2005). The design guidelines from the UMBRA project was recently presented as a tutorialat an international user interface conference. During the tutorial, information about relevance ofthe different parts of these design guidelines – as well as relevance and usefulness of selecteddesign patterns – was collected from approximately 40 participants through a questionnaire. Theparticipants have a number of different nationalities, have varyin


Academic lecture




  • SINTEF Digital / Software and Service Innovation

Presented at

VERDIKT Programkonferanse


Rica Hell Hotell, Norge


29.10.2007 - 29.10.2007





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