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Design patterns for user interfaces on mobile equipment - 1/2 day tutorial


The tutorial presents a collection of patterns addressing issues regarding the design of user interfaces on mobile devices. These patterns have been developed in a two-year research project. The patterns in the collection are structured in three main groups:   1. Utilizing screen space   2. Interaction mechanisms   3. Design at largeThe patterns address typical challenges of designing user interfaces that are to run on PDAs and SmartPhones, in relation to both the characteristics of the equipment and to the tasks to be addressed. The suggested solutions are based on existing design practice, and the description includes examples of good solution and pros and cons of different approaches. An overview of the patterns collection will be presented, focusing on solution patterns for the most important challenges. The tutorial consists of presentations and a hands-on exercise where the participants will use the patterns to design a paper prototype of a PDA/SmartPhone user interface.The participants will learn about design challenges and opportunities that are specific and important when designing user interfaces on mobile devices. They will obtain general knowledge about approaches for overcoming the challenges and exploiting the opportunities, in addition to specific knowledge about solving the most important problems.Participation in the tutorial will be beneficial for the HCI International audience because it both gives a structured overview of the challenges and opportunities connected to user interface design on mobile devices, and gives practical solutions to the most important challenges. The participants will also benefit from hands-on experience in user interface design for mobile clients in general, and from using the patterns collection in particular.Tutorial documentation includes a comprehensive research report documenting the patterns collection, in addition to important choices regarding platforms, user interface style and deployment strategies, and an overv


Academic lecture




  • SINTEF Digital / Software and Service Innovation

Presented at

HCI International 2007


Beijing, Kina


22.07.2007 - 22.07.2007


University of Crete and FORTH–ICS, Greece



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