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Availability and Accessibility to Health Services


The household survey in Mangoshi District in Southern Malawi was carried outin October 2009, with the main purpose of studying the knowledge, attitudesand practices (KAP) in relation to health and health services among peoplewith and without disabilities.Mangochi District is located 273 km south-east of Lilongwe, the capital ofMalawi.The survey was carried out collaboratively by SINTEF and the Centre forSocial Research of the University of Malawi. Ten experienced researchassistants and two supervisors were recruited and trained for a period of 3days, and the questionnaire was translated into Chichewa and piloted.Data collection took place in two Traditional Authorities (TAs) in Mangochinamely TA Nankumba and TA Mponda which are located in rural and urbanMangochi, respectively.A systematic-random sampling using random-walk method1 was used. Ascreening procedure using the Washington City Group screening questions wasapplied and full interviews with individuals with disability carried out as theywere identified. A control sample was matched based on sex and age with astandard deviation of five years. Verbal consent was sought prior to theinterview.


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Contributions to Global Health Research, Capacity building and Governance


Soria Moria Hotel and Conference Center


12.09.2011 - 13.09.2011


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