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New user interface design patterns for finger friendly and multi modal interaction on mobile devices


In the FLAMINCO (FLexible Applications exploiting Multi modal INteraction and Context) BIP project we develop design guidelines and evaluation methods addressing new challenges when developing user interfaces for mobile devices. The challenges addressed in the project includes handling layout in varying conditions, multi modal user interfaces, adaptive and context sensitive user interfaces and forms based user interfaces (including automatically generated ones).In this presentation, we present new design solutions for finger friendly and multi modal interaction. During the last year, both these issues have drawn much attention, both due to available features on new devices, new possibilities in operating systems, development tools and libraries, and new design practices in user environments and applications. The attention and new design practices raise the awareness of the new possibilities among end users, both in private and professional settings – which changes the expectations and requirements for how the user interfaces on applications on mobile devices are designed.One of the objectives of FLAMINCO is to facilitate Norwegian service and application developers as well as tool vendors in meeting the challenges that are caused by such new expectations and requirements. In the project, the design challenges and their solutions are documented as design guidelines using a standard user interface design patterns format. These design guidelines benefit the target group of the project directly, but they also benefit end users of applications on mobile devices indirectly, as they will have access to more useable applications as the new design practices are spread also to professional applications.In the presentation, user interface design patterns describing new design practices for finger friendly and multi modal user interfaces are described in some detail, including a number of practical examples. For finger friendly user interfaces, presented solutions include handli


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  • SINTEF Digital / Sustainable Communication Technologies

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29.10.2008 - 30.10.2008





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