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The blue mussel industry in Mid-Norway


Experience from several years of algae monitoring and experience from mussel farmers in Mid-Norway indicates that conditions for mussel farming in Mid-Norway in general is good. However, we recommend that a more thorough assessment with respect to biological and hydrographical issues is made of four geographical areas that are especially promising: Vikna - Kolvereid in Nord-Trøndelag, Jøa - Namos i Nord-Trøndelag, Fosen in Sør-Trøndelag, Eastern Hitra — Agdenes in Sør-Trøndelag The blue mussel industry in Mid-Norway consists of a few larger companies, some producing mainly for the Norwegian and Scandinavian market and some for the European market. A number of smaller producers sell their production through the larger companies. Logistics to take mussels to the market in Norway and abroad is so far mainly based on systems developed for farmed salmon. More specific logistics for mussels will need to be developed with an increasing production, both to be able to bring more mussels to the market and to ensure that the mussels get to the market in due time. Developing new products that have longer shelf life than the traditional fresh products will increase flexibility with regard to handling and transport time. The knowledge community in Mid-Norway, that can support a growing mussel industry, is very strong and includes several institutions and authorities that have national responsibility within their fleld






  • Merete Gisvold Sandberg
  • Trude Olafsen
  • Karl Tangen


  • SINTEF Ocean / Fisheries and New Biomarine Industry




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