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New active fishing gear Report from project workshop in Hirtshals, Dec. 14-15 2009


A few initial ideas for new active fishing gear concepts based on trawl and seine were presented at workshop in Hirtshals, 14-15 December 2009. These initial concepts are described and the comments and feedback from the workshop participants included in this report. The outcome of the workshop is summarized in the form of a matrix (Table 4.1) of specific concepts and gear configurations that are to be followed up in the further work and tests in the project. Such a matrix provides both a clear overview of the concepts/configurations to be followed up, and a structured way to evaluate and systemize them wrt. applications and combinations in specific fisheries and for specific vessels. The further concept development consists of planning further model tank tests of these concepts and configurations, including establishing a set of relevant user oriented criteria for what makes a concept or configuration interesting or not for implementation in actual fishing. This will decide how the further tests should be carried out, what should be varied and measured etc. Also, the project should use the matrix to start proposing a set of one or a few of the gear concepts that may be realistic to have on board a specific or a typical vessel.






  • Michael Winther
  • Svein Helge Gjøsund


  • SINTEF Ocean / Fisheries and New Biomarine Industry




SINTEF rapport



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