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Small-scale biomass CHP recommendations for Norway


This work deals with evaluations of different possible cost-effective small-scale CHP solutions based on biomass for the Norwegian market. Many CHP technologies and systems exist today, and can easily be proposed as candidates for introduction and/or widespread use in the Norwegian market. However, today they may be far from cost-effective given the current energy market and framework situation. These constraints can, however, change relatively fast. Hence, it is important to evaluate the feasibility of small-scale CHP technologies and systems in this perspective. What will the most promising small-scale CHP technologies based on biomass be in the near to medium term future? What are the limiting factors? What can be done to speed up the introduction of small-scale CHP solutions based on biomass in the Norwegian market? And, finally, what are the research needs, if any, connected to this? This work evaluates and discusses these aspects, and sheds some light on the challenges connected to commercial introduction of small-scale CHP solutions based on biomass in the Norwegian market. General recommendations are given (Chapters 2.3 and 3.3.) regarding size, capacity and utilization, choice of CHP or not CHP, balancing heat and power, choosing the right technology, industrial systems, own electricity consumption, and operational problems. Specific recommendations (Chapters 8.3 and 10) are given regarding Norwegian conditions and choice of conversion technologies and CHP technologies. Combustion and steam turbines dominate today, but this situation can change in the future depending on framework conditions improvements and technology development.




  • Research Council of Norway (RCN) / 193817





  • SINTEF Energy Research / Termisk energi




Teknisk rapport (SINTEF Energiforskning)


TR A7170



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