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Distribution Network Laboratory Model Consisting of a HV/MV substation model, a synchronous generator DG model and a flexible line equivalent.


This report describes the Distribution Network Model built in the SINTEF/NTNU Renewable Energy Laboratory in the period from 2008-2011. This model consists of:• A HV/MV substation model with variable HV-line inductance, transformer with tap changing arrangement and two MV feeders with standard distribution network protection. Equipment for data collection and control, both locally and remote, is included. The model is prepared for future impedance grounded neutral• A flexible line equivalent with 6 line sections represented by -equivalents with R, L and C. Each line section is able to represent 2, 4 and 8 km of 22 kV overheard line with dimensions from 25 to 240 mm2.• A brushless synchronous generator with standard digital excitation and protection as for a small hydro power plant in the distribution network (1-10 MVA). The generator is driven by an induction motor. The torque is controlled by a frequency converter.This laboratory equipment is funded mainly by the Norwegian Research Council. SINTEF Energy Research has contributed with both equipment and hours needed to realise this model. Finally, most of the work is done within the KMB-project “Distribution 2020” supported by the Norwegian Research Council, ABB Skien, Hafslund, Agder Energi, Trondheim Energi, HelgelandsKraft, Siemens, NTE, NVE and Nortroll. The main focus of this project is fault handling and integration of distributed generation. 






  • Astrid Petterteig


  • SINTEF Energy Research / Energisystemer




Teknisk rapport (SINTEF Energiforskning)


TR A7122



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